Slovenia: TIC in Postojna
Tourist Information CenterNew Tourist Information Centre in Postojna
The Opening Event of the new Tourist Information Center, which was constructed in scope of the project HERA and has been produced with the financial assistance of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, was held on 4th July 2014 on street Tržaška in Postojna.
At the opening ceremony, the attendees were addressed by the Mayor of the Municipality of Postojna Mr. Jernej Verbič and the President of the Tourist Association of Slovenia, Mr. Peter Misja.
The main purpose of establishing a new Tourist Information Center (TIC) which is the promotion and presentation of the county, the wider Inner - Karst region and Slovenia. We want to show to tourists that our region beside Postojna Cave offers many other natural and cultural attractions, which are worth a visit and stay there even more than one day.
At the TIC, maps, leaflets, and other promotional materials are provided at no charge and visitors can get information on tourist attractions, natural and cultural heritage, accommodations, food and much more. The TIC also offers free internet access (Wi-Fi). Digital Advertising screen provides to visitors information about local sights, special offers, events and cultural programs that are offered regularly throughout the year. Particular emphasis will be on the virtual presentation of cultural heritage, which is extremely rich and worthy of special treatment. New Visitor Center will also be an opportunity for mainly local providers to be able to present their accommodation and caterers. They will also have the opportunity to promote all those who are dealing with tourists and provide them with a variety of tourist and other services.
Finally, the newly constructed TIC is also a very important market niche. Especially in cross-border cooperation and networking as a joint cross-border trademark HERA.
TIC is during the high season open from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 21.00 pm.
About the building…
The building is designed modern and follows the principles of economy and austerity. The building is subtly placed in space, but still sufficiently visible and recognizable and takes into account the Postojna - Inner architecture typical features. The building complies with the principles of sustainable construction using local materials, as well as the shape and orientation of the object. The building is mainly skeletons, in some places closed and is built in two separate volumes, Tourist Information Center and Sanitary facilities that are connected by a single roof, surrounded by larch wood. The roof also serves as a spatial signifier and the object gives special recognition of the symbol "i", which tourists from a distance informs what the object is intended. The walls of the TIC are made of glass with a view to tourists from outside can look and read offer in our region.All infrastructure also takes into account the needs of physically disabled people.

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