Slovenia: Cultural Centre in Piran
sindacoRestoration of Cultural Centre in Padna
Municipality of Piran has restorated the new cultural centre “Božidar Jakac” in Padna with the total reconstruction of the exteriors and interiors of the building and the complete furniture and multimedial equipment of the premises.
The cost of intervention (around 400.000,00€) has been supported by the IPA Adriatic CBC territorial cooperation Programme in the framework of the HERA project in which Municipality of Piran is partner.

Padna is a popular tourist destination in the Municipality of Piran, expecially for tourists from cruising ships visiting the Koper’s port closely situated.
The reconstruction of the cultural center will help to valorize cultural heritage of rural parts of the Slovenian coast with Padna as a simbolic geographical center and to foster the tourism activity for a benefic effect in terms of economy for the slovenian territory. Padna, which has a relevant historical heritage, being firstly mentioned in documental sources dating to the 9th century, is surrounded by centuries old olive groves and it is one of the best preserved ancient village in the whole area.

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