Ravenna - TIC in Classe
Classe 2On the 28th of July, in Classe (Ravenna) there has been inaugurated and opened to the public with the presence of the Italian Minister of the Culture and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, the first station of the Archaeological Park.
The relevant museum project foresees the restitution of the ancient spirit and context in the new dress of modern usability which aims at fostering the accessibility, the interactivity and the powerful and evocative multimedia experiences in the same site in which the ancient commercial port once rose.
Together with the musealisation and opening of the Ancient Harbour and Archaelogical Park developed around the Chatedral of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, ravenna will be enriched, next year with the City and Territory Museum and with the San Severo Church archeologia excavation.

The opening of the Park has been a very relevant event for the City of Ravenna, but also extremely important at national level in terms of cultural italian sites.
Inside the Visitor Centre of the Archaeological Park of Classe, realized with the financial assistance of HERA Project, the image projections on walls and floors have been conceived as a unique system of visual involvement with the purpose to propose an historical, archaeological and geographical complex framework.
The use of advanced multimedia devices and tools creates powerful suggestions and immersive sensations which allow to bathe in a natural and anthropic recreated landscape.
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