Ravenna - TIC in Classe
Classe 2On the 28th of July, in Classe (Ravenna) there has been inaugurated and opened to the public with the presence of the Italian Minister of the Culture and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, the first station of the Archaeological Park.
The relevant museum project foresees the restitution of the ancient spirit and context in the new dress of modern usability which aims at fostering the accessibility, the interactivity and the powerful and evocative multimedia experiences in the same site in which the ancient commercial port once rose.
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Italy: TIC in Campli
DSC 3852New arrangement design of Tourist Information Centre in Campli
Campli celebrated the rearrengement of the new Tourist Information Center in the Farnese Square, which has been refurnished and equipped by Consorzio Punto Europa teramo within the activities of HERA project and the financial assistance of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. At the opening ceremony, the attendees were addressed by the Mayor of the Municipality of Campli Mr. Quaresimale and other regional and local administrative stakeholders and it was projected the territorial audiovisive tourism product which will be presented in the three international tourism fairs in London, Madrid and Milan.
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Slovenia: TIC in Postojna
Tourist Information CenterNew Tourist Information Centre in Postojna
The Opening Event of the new Tourist Information Center, which was constructed in scope of the project HERA and has been produced with the financial assistance of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, was held on 4th July 2014 on street Tržaška in Postojna.
At the opening ceremony, the attendees were addressed by the Mayor of the Municipality of Postojna Mr. Jernej Verbič and the President of the Tourist Association of Slovenia, Mr. Peter Misja.
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Slovenia: Cultural Centre in Piran
sindacoRestoration of Cultural Centre in Padna
Municipality of Piran has restorated the new cultural centre “Božidar Jakac” in Padna with the total reconstruction of the exteriors and interiors of the building and the complete furniture and multimedial equipment of the premises.
The cost of intervention (around 400.000,00€) has been supported by the IPA Adriatic CBC territorial cooperation Programme in the framework of the HERA project in which Municipality of Piran is partner.
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Croatia: Zadar City walls
01Documenting the City walls
Feasibility of a defined methodology for gaining a trademark of cultural tourism destination HERA will be tested on Zadar County's territory by implementing two pilot projects: one being the integration of Zadar city walls into the route of cultural tourism and the other  being  setting up of a visitor center in Mali Arsenal.
A pre-requisite for investing in these pilot projects is elaborating the project documentation for the city walls, particularly for Mali Arsenal, Gate of St. Krševan and city walls in the Passage of Emperor Augustus, using 3D laser scanning.
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