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    Croatia - Zadar

    Zadar County - Address: Božidara Petranovića 8, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
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    Croatia - Split

    Split Dalmatia County - Address: Domovinskog rata 2, 21000 Split, Croatia
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    Croatia - Sibenik

    Šibenik-Knin County - Address: Trg Pavla Šubića I br. 2, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia
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    Croatia - Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik Neretva County - Address: Gundulićeva Poljana1, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
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    Croatia - Istria

    Region of Istria - Address: Drščevka, 3, 52000 Pazin, Croatia
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    Croatia - Rijeka

    County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar - Address: Adamićeva 10, 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia
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    Bosnia & Herzegovina - Mostar

    City of Mostar - Address: Adema Buća 19, 88000 Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
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    Bosnia & Herzegovina - Bihac

    Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton Bihać - Address: Miroslava Krleže 2, 77000 Bihać, BiH
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    Albania - Tirana

    Albanian Development Fund - Address: Rr. “Sami Frashëri“ Nr. 10, 1000 Tirana, Albania
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    Slovenia - Postojna

    Municipality of Postojna - Address: Ljubljanska cesta 4, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia
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    Slovenia - Piran

    Municipality of Piran - Address: Tartinijev trg 2, 6330 Piran, Slovenia
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    Serbia - Belgrade

    Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications - Address: 22-26 Nemanjina St. - 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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    Italy - Rimini

    Province of Rimini - Address: Corso D'Augusto, 231 – 47921 Rimini, Italy
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    Italy - Foggia

    University of Foggia - Address: Via Gramsci, 89-91 71122 Foggia, Italy
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    Italy - Ravenna

    Province of Ravenna - Address: Piazza caduti per la libertà 2, 48010 Ravenna, Italy
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    Italy - Teramo

    Consortium Europe Point Teramo - Address: Via A. De Benedictis 1, 64100 Teramo, Italy
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    Montenegro - Cetinje

    Ministry of Culture - Address: Njegoševa st., Cetinje 81250, Montenegro
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    Greece - Igoumenitsa

    Region of Epirus - Regional Unit of Thesprotia - Address: P. Tsaldari 18, Igoumenitsa - 46100 - Greece
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    Italy - L'Aquila

    Abruzzo Region - Department of Presidency Affairs, Legislative and Community Policies, Planning, Parks, Land, Environment, Energy - Address: Via Leonardo da Vinci 6, 67100 l’Aquila, Italy


Cross-border cooperation is a crucial element for the achievement of HERA’s objectives and for launching Adriatic area as a unique cultural tourism destination on the international market. HERA partnership establishes five basic cross-border cooperation participation processes:

1) Systematic benchmark of national policies & projects implemented by involving each country stakeholders/experts (through participation in thematic workgroups – Promotion, Education & Heritage) for capitalisation of results, experiences and for development of Joint Action Plan;

2) Establishment of copyrighted cross-border HERA Trademark Board aiming to elaborating in detail methodology & procedures to be followed to obtain HERA TM, to define long-term sustainability of HERA procedures etc.;

3) Testing HERA TM methodology procedure’s feasibility by implementation of Pilot projects (Cultural Tourism Routes & Visitor Centres) in each partners' region and sending feedback for final improvement of methodology;

4) Networking & joint promotion of developed HERA cultural tourism routes by using latest ICT / web solutions as well as through joint promotion on tourism fairs;

5) Establishment of Hera Adriatic Heritages Association (as a sustainable successor of HERA TM Board) – a legal international entity for monitoring previously assigned HERA TM and to assign HERA TM to new Adriatic cultural tourism routes and visitor centres. Without implementation of listed cross-border cooperation participation processes it would be impossible to launch & promote Adriatic area as a unique cultural tourism destination on the international markets. Actions implemented by a single state cannot boost and regulate tourism flows, and therefore only HERA cross-border cooperation mechanisms can respond to the challenges of global cultural tourism competition.

Hera partnership is therefore composed by 19 partners from 8 Countries: Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Albania.

Here you can find contact details for each partner.

Zadar County
Split Dalmatia ...
Šibenik-Knin Co...
Dubrovnik Neret...
Region of Istri...
County of Primo...
City of Mostar
Development Age...
Albanian Develo...
Municipality of...
Municipality of...
Ministry of Tra...
Rimini Province
University of F...
Province of Rav...
Consortium Euro...
Ministry of Cul...
Regional Unit o...
Abruzzo Region

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